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Seriously? You Think Abortion Can Be Safe?

California’s governor, Jerry Brown, has signed a bill (AB 154) that would allow non-physicians to perform abortions, and pro-lifers are railing against it.  This is already allowed in several states, including mine. I have to be honest though, I’m not sure that I understand their opposition to this particular bill.

Abortion is nothing more than legalized child murder and abortionists are nothing more than medically trained professionals who kill people instead of healing them, that is a clear fact.  Abortion itself should be opposed, but why spend time and energy fighting this?  Is the pro-life movement really so compromised?  It is really that important that a murderer have the title of “M.D.” after his name?

The pro-life movement is working to keep child murder safe, rare and ultimately, even if unintentionally, legal.  The argument goes like this: “If you don’t have a doctor performing the abortion, the woman (who has contracted with an assassin and has become an active participant in a brutal murder) might get hurt, through either shoddy technique or infection of some sort.”  The director of the National Right to Life’s Western regional office said this bill is “reducing the medical standards for abortion.”  For those with ears to hear, that statement is very revealing.  If all you’re interested in, pro-lifer, is keeping women safe while they kill children, I have but one word for you: REPENT!

When a woman walks in to the abortuary, if you are concerned with only that she is safe, you’re fighting the wrong battle.  This is important, so please hear me.  While we are not overly concerned with the “safety” of abortion (because murder is never safe as the whole point is to willfully and violently end life), neither should we or do we wish harm upon these abortion minded moms. Rather the opposite is true.  We pray that they would, if fact, be totally safe: physically, emotionally, and spiritually from abortion.  Woman are also image bearers of Almighty God, that’s why we simply want abortion to be immediately, totally, and forever abolished.

So repent of this foolishness, pro-lifer.  The only issue worth fighting here is this:  Children are being legally murdered!  Who cares whether it’s a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a midwife, or physicians’ assistant or some thug off the street?  It is legal and culturally acceptable to murder kids.  If you love women and want them to be safe, as we do, stop wasting your time on minutiae such as who gets to perform murder.  Instead, tell the truth in love, teaching and preaching the Gospel to women walking into these “clinics,” knowing that the Word of God never returns empty (Isaiah 55:11).  Educate the culture about the true horror of abortion through public agitation.  Work to abolish human abortion.



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