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A Nation of Hypocrites

“We will insist an atrocity committed with chemical weapons is not only investigated… it must be confronted.”

~President Barack Hussein Obama II

“…delivering chemical weapons against children, is not something we do.”

~President Barack Hussein Obama II

I’m sure that I could find a dozen more quotes just like this one. Certainly, after Monday when the President is set to go on no less than six news/talk shows to tell us why he wants to go to war use military force in a “limited engagement” against Syria, we’ll have enough such quotes that we will be able to fill a small book. Elected Republican and Democrat leaders are suspending their differences to push for this action, as well. Certainly, most Americans and certainly all Abolitionists would agree with this sentiment: The use of chemical weapons against innocent human beings is atrocious. Here’s the hypocrisy: We live in a country in which 3,500 (plus) children are killed each day through abortion, and many of these abortions (read “killings” or “murders”) are carried out via chemicals.

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