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The Abolistionist HeaderWe spend so much of our time protecting our life. We do it through common, everyday activities, and we rarely even give it a second thought. When we’re sick, we seek treatment. We strive to eat well. We wear a seat belt and we don’t drink and drive. We don’t use the hairdryer when we take a bath. We lock our doors at night to keep out potential danger. Why do we do these things? It’s simple, really. The vast majority of us realizes and understands that human life is precious and uniquely special.

We sometimes read stories in the news about some brave soul who went out of their way to protect another’s life. In the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, we heard stories about men who used their bodies to protect their loved ones.

We hear tales from the battlefield in which one of our brave fighting men willingly sacrificed his life to save the lives of his companions.

These stories are special, because they speak not only to the character that humanity can display, but also to the value of a human life.

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THE ABOLITIONIST: The Comparison of Abortion to Slavery

The Abolistionist Header

The comparison of abortion to slavery/genocide is usually dismissed for purely visceral reasons (are those really reasons?), so I thought it would be worthwhile to examine how the comparison is accurate and in which ways it may not be.  Let’s begin with genocide.

Genocide is the systematic murder of a people group, and abortion belongs in this category inasmuch as there is a subgroup of human beings, those still in the womb, who have been dehumanized in order to justify their destruction.  How is abortion unlike other genocides? Well, firstly the preborn aren’t part of a different ethnic group from their attackers, and secondly they have no means of resistance. Continue reading


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Neutering the Pro-Life Movement

pb-130125-prolife-01_photoblog900 (2)How Pro-Abortion-Republican Groups Keep the Pro-Life Movement from Achieving Electoral & Legislative Success

Pro-life advocates have fought to end legalized abortion in America for forty years. Every state claims at least one Right to Life group.  There are over 4,000 pregnancy centers.  Ministries and retreats have taken place for men and women affected by abortion.  Prayer vigils and sidewalk counseling teams have successfully saved many lives, one at a time.  Pro-life advocates have been effectively engaging the culture with the goal of “changing hearts and minds” through debate, film, literature, billboards, demonstrations and countless other creative ways with great success. Former abortion workers have had high profile conversions and are now outspoken pro-life activists.  The annual March for Life in Washington D.C. and in state capitals continue to be the largest annual demonstrations on any issue.  Advances in science and technology have contributed to a widespread recognition of the humanity of the unborn child.  In recent years, pollsters have acknowledged a shift in public opinion and a majority of Americans consider themselves to be “pro-life” when it comes to abortion.

The pro-life movement is winning when it comes to public opinion.  So why has there been no change in policy to restore the right to life to all persons? There are multiple factors involved, but one of the biggest is Continue reading

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The Light of Truth: Graphic Images in the Fight Against Abortion

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of graphic imagery by anti-abortion groups.  Groups like The Anti-Choice Project, The Center For Bioethical Reform and Abolish Human Abortion all use graphic images of murdered pre-born babies to show the pro-choice (read “pro-abortion”) folks exactly what it is that they’re supporting (AHA does not exclusively use these images, it should be noted).  These images are also used in an attempt to rouse inactive or “personally pro-life only” people into action.

Interestingly, much of the criticism comes from pro-life individuals.  Some of the reasons that we hear from some dedicated, traditional pro-lifers against the use of the images are that it’s “unloving” to show these images; “it’s offensive,” and it’s “ineffective.” Continue reading


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When Liberty Trumps Life, It’s Time to Move On – Why I’m resigning from the RLC

KickOffOn Saturday, April 27, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington (RLCWA) held its first state convention. Many liberty activists like me were hopeful about this organization as a vehicle to organize under, for the purpose of continuing the liberty movement inspired by Ron Paul who insists, “You cannot defend liberty without defending life,” and as an OBGYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies, he asserts, “The debate about when life begins should not be a debate…Let me assure you that all life begins at conception.” We were hopeful that in forming a state charter of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC), we could make it the vehicle to influence local and national politics for what we perceived as our shared goals. At our statewide kick-off in Yakima, in January, I was very hopeful about our prospects when our featured speakers of the event were the Freedom Agenda-Washington Team. In both speech and practice, they are effectively moving forward on these goals without compromise. But my hopes were dashed for the RLCWA when we met in Yakima again for the state convention.
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Why Single Out Gosnell?

Dr__Kermit_Gosnell_620x350For the past month and half, notorious late term abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been on trial for murder, due to the filthy conditions of his abortion business and the horrific manor in which he conducts his practice.  Pro-life columnist Kristen Walker Hatten makes a compelling case that Gosnell should be aquitted (Yes, you read that right), and I agree with her:

Let him go. You know what, drop the charges. If I were the prosecuting attorney I’d say, “We thought about it, and we Continue reading

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Right to Life Before Politics

“Politics is a means to an end.  It is not about “electing candidates”, regardless of Party.  It is about restoring the unalienable Right to Life, a right we are endowed with by our Creator.” Continue reading

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