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THE ABOLITIONIST: The Comparison of Abortion to Slavery

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The comparison of abortion to slavery/genocide is usually dismissed for purely visceral reasons (are those really reasons?), so I thought it would be worthwhile to examine how the comparison is accurate and in which ways it may not be.  Let’s begin with genocide.

Genocide is the systematic murder of a people group, and abortion belongs in this category inasmuch as there is a subgroup of human beings, those still in the womb, who have been dehumanized in order to justify their destruction.  How is abortion unlike other genocides? Well, firstly the preborn aren’t part of a different ethnic group from their attackers, and secondly they have no means of resistance. Continue reading



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THE ABOLITIONIST: Confronting Planned Parenthood

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A fellow abolitionist called me the other day to let me know that some representatives of Planned Parenthood were out fundraising in front of a local Starbucks. I was in the middle of preparing both the living room and a bible study for some friends who were coming over, but when my wife told me the news, I laid it aside and got in the car to go speak to them. Continue reading

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