Calling All Pro-Life PCOs in the 26th District!

adamTomorrow night 7 p.m. Dec. 4 at the Givens Community Center at 1026 Sidney Ave., the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) of the 26th legislative district will meet to select three Republican nominees to be considered by the Pierce Co. Council and the Kitsap Co. Commission.  One of those candidates will replace the state house seat that was vacated by Jan Angel when she won her bid for state senator in the special election last month.  The Tacoma News Tribune covered the story, but failed to mention all of the candidates who have thrown in their hats.

I have had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Berman, who is one such candidate seeking the nomination of the PCOs.  I’m pleased to report that Adam is solidly pro-life and supports legislation that would define life as beginning at conception/fertilization and place all children, from the moment of conception, under protection of the law.  Adam has been receiving endorsements from prominent figures in the “liberty movement”, which caught my attention, so I decided to see just how thorough his understanding and commitment to liberty is.  Of his pro-life view, he says, “It’s the only fit with the philosophy of liberty.”  Not everyone in the “liberty movement” would agree with that, but he’s absolutely right.

I asked him if he would support Jason Overstreet’s bill (if elected), which I have called “The Gold Standard of Pro-Life Bills“, and since he is in the middle of preparing for tomorrow night’s election, he did not have the time to go and read the bill, and therefore, reserved promising support for a bill he hasn’t read (a refreshing quality in a politician).  He did however take the time to talk with me and he was willing to say he would support a simple bill that defines life as beginning at conception/fertilization and places all children under the protection under the law.  He did not express any of the usual “exceptions” that are common for politicians who call themselves “pro-life”.  He didn’t budge a bit from his position when I specifically asked about them either.

Therefore, I urge the pro-life PCOs in the 26th District (Pierce and Kitsap Counties) to elect Adam as one of the nominees for the house position.  Please press the other candidates for their detailed views before choosing the other 2 you send to the Pierce Co. Council and Kitsap Co. commission for consideration.


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