A Nation of Hypocrites

“We will insist an atrocity committed with chemical weapons is not only investigated… it must be confronted.”

~President Barack Hussein Obama II

“…delivering chemical weapons against children, is not something we do.”

~President Barack Hussein Obama II

I’m sure that I could find a dozen more quotes just like this one. Certainly, after Monday when the President is set to go on no less than six news/talk shows to tell us why he wants to go to war use military force in a “limited engagement” against Syria, we’ll have enough such quotes that we will be able to fill a small book. Elected Republican and Democrat leaders are suspending their differences to push for this action, as well. Certainly, most Americans and certainly all Abolitionists would agree with this sentiment: The use of chemical weapons against innocent human beings is atrocious. Here’s the hypocrisy: We live in a country in which 3,500 (plus) children are killed each day through abortion, and many of these abortions (read “killings” or “murders”) are carried out via chemicals.

Looking at CDC and Guttmacher Institute abortion statistics tells us that 25% of all abortions performed prior to 9 weeks gestation, which account for well over half of all reported abortions, are carried out through what’s called medication abortion. (It should be noted that not all abortions are reported. Several states do not report abortion statistics to the CDC, nor are all abortions in reporting states actually reported.) The mother takes a pill, or series of pills, and the baby human dies. This percentage does not take into consideration the times in which saline or urea are used to facilitate a surgical abortion at a later stage of developement, which would bring the statistic of chemical warfare deaths amongst our pre-born neighbors up significantly. There has been not so much as a peep about this genocide from any of our elected officials to the best of my knowledge. This is not surprising, however, as we live in a nation of Sunday morning Christians and hypocrites. Ignoring the deaths of those that we have dehumanized is simply a matter of routine.Chemical warfare

The great humanitarians in charge of running our great nation rush to use deadly military force against alleged users of Sarin that have led to the deaths of hundreds of children in Syria, but willfully ignore, even in some cases, promote the deaths of children right here at home. Each and every person that has taken to the airwaves to decry the situation in Syria is a hypocrite, but sadly, they’re not the only hypocrites in this situation.

There are many Americans who oppose the use of military force (formerly known as “war”) on the basis that the unjustified loss of human life would be completely unacceptable. Again, abolitionists would tend to agree with that. The unfortunate reality is that there are just reasons for war, but this just doesn’t fit the bill, and to kill who-knows-how-many people in an unjust war is as atrocious as the use of chemical weapons, as we previously discussed. Yet, once more, the hypocrisy is on display for all with eyes to see. The deaths of some innocent humans is terrible and should be opposed while the deaths of other innocent humans should be ignored or encouraged.

It is true that some oppose this potential war based on nothing more than whether or not it is constitutional and consistent with the ideals and principles of libertarian thought, completely leaving aside the cost in human life. These people are largely silent about abortion, opposing it in their personal lives, while claiming the neutrality that the cry of “Liberty!” allows. They, too, are hypocrites, claiming the mantle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while ignoring the inconvenient fact that without life, liberty becomes an empty and meaningless word.

Few are the people who are thoughtfully consistent on the issue of innocent life, and those that display such consistency are usually subject to ridicule from each and every side.

Where ever you are on this issue, chances are that you’re being inconsistent. I would ask you to take a careful look at your beliefs. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict you, examine your heart and repent of your hypocrisy and apathy.



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One response to “A Nation of Hypocrites

  1. I will preface this by saying I am one of the most conservative Christians I know.
    I believe that there is never, ever any justification for intentionally killing a child, born or unborn. I am completely and totally against induced abortion in every circumstance.
    I also believe that we need to act in Syria. I don’t necessarily think that bombs are the answer, but if we choose not to act, we are just as guilty as those evil terrorists and tyrants are.
    There is a great inconsistency in fighting against abortion and thinking we ought not involve ourselves in Syria. Those victims are also innocent humans who were killed without a chance of defending themselves. While bombs may not be the answer, as they would almost certainly kill more innocent civilians, we cannot remain uninvolved. Otherwise, we are hypocrites. Remember Micah 6:8– that applies not only to abolition in the US, but human injustice everywhere.
    This has caused a great many unlikely alliances and unlikely schisms; “war-mongering” liberals and pacifistic conservatives are at odds, with a few hippie-dippy “peace-loving” liberals, and few (that I’ve seen) conservatives who care about the sanctity of human life inside and outside the womb, and inside and outside the country. Matthew 25:31-46 reminds us that our inaction in the face of evil is sin; we all must remember to look at it that way.
    God bless you all.

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