Agitating Works

Co-Authored by R. Clayton Strang and Judah Ivy

002On July 10th, the Seattle Abolitionist Society went to the Cedar River abortion “clinic” in Renton, WA.  Due to the set up of the parking lot, we were unable to get close enough to talk with anyone going into or out of the “clinic;” so we took our signs and stood along the main road.  We were all surprised to see how not busy this particular clinic was.  They specialize in later term abortions, so them not being busy makes sense, as most abortions take place well before the arbitrary “viable” stage.  Still, we expected more of a “funnel effect” from all the surrounding abortionists who refer there.  The three or so women who did drive in seemed determined not to see, one very young girl was driven in quickly by an older escort who smiled and laughed at the images of aborted children.  This confirms the need for agitation and deflation of pro-choice misinformation long before these girls end up at the human sacrifice centers.

We had several one-fingered waves from the passing motorists, and we had several people curse at us from their cars.  There were several thumbs up and affirming gestures as well.  One man stuck his head out the window to yell “thanks for showing it how it really is!” Then there was the guy who was very proud that he had been complicit in the murder of his children.  Laughing about it, he said: “I have a punch card, like five of ’em, the next one’s free!” (He was reminded that there is a day of judgment coming, but didn’t really seem to care.)

Many people, however, actually covered their eyes to avoid seeing the truth, while others were very obvious about intentionally not looking at us -or our signs.  Despite all of this, there was a glimmer of hope from an unlikely source.

There was a young man, clearly stoned, holding a joint and hanging out the passenger side window of his buddy’s car.  He saw the abortion clinic, and then he saw the picture of a murdered child and asked “Is that what happens in an abortion?”  Judah answered “Yes.  This is what abortion is.”  His expression turned very serious and very concerned.  As the light turned green and his friend drove away he said something like “That’s bad. It has to stop.”

This is why the graphic images that we use are so important.008

We may not have been able to reach the few women that went to kill their children that day, but a mind was changed and hopefully, he’ll talk to some of his friends and family about the truth that he saw.  It’s our prayer for this young man that God would place someone in his life to talk to him about Jesus, and that he would come to know Him as his Lord and Savior.



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