Farm Team Elections

Election season is here in Washington State.  You may have noticed all of the candidate signs placed around your town; signs for mayor, city council, county council, fire district and other such offices.  These off year elections don’t draw as many voters as in a presidential election year, but it’s still important.  The two mainstream political parties use these elections to build their “farm team;” folks that the parties can build up, train and groom for some higher office at some point.

This is a good opportunity to really find out about the folks that the parties are interested in grooming.  Since there’s really not a whole lot of interest in these races, you may find that you have a far better chance of actually getting some one-on-one time talking to the candidates.  This is important, because you, the anti-abortion activist are they eyes and ears of the movement.

I would strongly encourage you to find out where these candidates stand on the issue of abortion.  Some might argue, “Most of these offices have nothing to do with abortion.” Even the candidate himself might use that as an excuse to dodge the question. While it’s true that most of these positions have no say in the legality of abortion, we need to remember, this is the “farm team.”  Some of these candidates will move on to run for higher office at some point, and if they do not share our goal of abolishing abortion, they will do their best at that point to avoid talking about abortion in any meaningful way.  Get them on record now.  Find out if they support abortion on demand.  If they say that they don’t, find out when they think that life begins.  Ask them if they support the legality of abortion in the case of rape, incest or the “health of the mother.”  Will they support so-called “pro-life” bills that attempt to fool abolition minded voters such as the 22 week abortion ban that recently passed the US House of Representatives?  (Keep in mind that any bill that ends with “…and then you can kill the baby” does nothing more than further legitimize the murder of our pre-born neighbors.)  If they were in a position to do so, would they aggressively push legislation that would end the legality of all abortion in our  state or nation?

If you find out that these “farm team” candidates are pro-aborts, are mushy or just “personally pro-life,” I would urge you to not cast your vote for them, even if they seem to be the lesser of two evils.  Lesser evil is still evil, and if they can’t even get the issue of life correct, they can’t be trusted to get anything else correct, either.  I’ve talked about this a little bit before, but you really do need to learn to be okay with under-voting (not voting for every race on the ballot).  Don’t be taken in by party endorsements.  Washington found out as recently as the last election cycle that Republican endorsed candidates can be as rabidly pro-abortion as the Democrats (NARAL endorsed Bill Finkbeiner  and “I’m on the record as being pro-choice” Rob McKenna come to mind.)  Do your homework, and vote with the Bible as your guide.



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