UPDATE: 21 Weeks, 6 Days and Still Not A Human?

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act has passed the US House of Representatives; 228-196. The pro-abortion folks have wasted no time decrying this as a “far reaching anti-abortion bill” and I’m sure that they’ll use this vote to further their fictional conservative “war on women.”

Boehner abortion tweetAt the same time, the pro-life crowd is slobbering all over themselves in excitement! “See! We did it!” Speaker Boehner even Tweeted that the “Horrors of Gosnell case underscore need to defend unborn life; the House has acted.” See, the unborn are now protected… Unless they were conceived in rape, or incest or if they haven’t reached that arbitrary 22 week benchmark. According to radical pro-abortion leftie Sally Kohn, this bill would only effect 1.5% of all currently legal abortions, leaving 98.5% of currently legal abortions untouched.

Oh, yeah, and the bill isn’t even law. The Senate, dominated by liberal, pro-abortion Democrats and Republicans, will never pass this bill. It’s unlikely that they’ll even bring it to the floor for debate. I doubt that they’d even discuss it at all! Even if one had a magic wand, and somehow the Senate were to take up and pass the bill, President “God bless Planned Parenthood” Obama has already said that he’d veto it.

So tell me, where’s the victory?

Can’t find it? Maybe I can help with that. Now, every single Representative that voted for this terrible bill gets to say that they voted to “defend the unborn” and if all goes according to plan, their campaign coffers will overflow with donations from regular anti-abortion folks who really don’t pay all that much attention to the goings on in Washington DC. It’s the same with so-called pro-life groups. The donations will pour in.

These same allegedly “Pro-life” Representatives and organizations won’t push the one thing that would actually do something. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced a bill that would abolish human abortion, but have you heard anything about it? Has even one member of the House of Representatives made the bold move to introduce that to the House? Not to the best of my knowledge. If they did, they’d have to defend why abortion is always wrong and most importantly, they might not get reelected. This shows you exactly what the real goal is.

BandwagonGroups like Abolish Human Abortion, folks like Rebecca Kiessling and even Abby Johnson (I was shocked about this, by the way, but I’m happy that we’re on the same page with this) spoke out against the bill. Abby had this to say:

“Enough is enough! Stand strong against these measures! The ONLY reason this keep coming up is because pro-lifers continue to compromise!! If we stood up and said NO then our legislators would never even try to slip in those exceptions. We have allowed it to happen.”

Yup. Compromise after compromise after compromise. It’s a never ending cycle, because we never talk about the one thing that could really end the cycle: Abolition. We should never even entertain the idea of exceptions or compromise.

So, celebrate if you want, Republicans. You’ve earned it, right? You’ve accomplished your goal, and the public has been educated by you that babies conceived in rape or prior to 22 weeks are rightly eligible for murder. Go ahead and celebrate, but I won’t and neither will the 3,500 children that you keep condemning to death every single day.




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3 responses to “UPDATE: 21 Weeks, 6 Days and Still Not A Human?

  1. Thank you!!! Abby Johnson is a great ally by the way. Oh, and FYI, I see my last name is misspelled in the tag, but correct in the blog itself.

    • R. Clayton Strang

      I am so embarrassed, Mrs. Kiessling. Please accept my apologies. Thanks for reading the article, and thanks for all that you do to “save the one.”

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