Marysville Needs Jesus: Seattle Abolitionist Society After Action Report

Strawberry paradeThere is more to the abolition work that we do than praying and reaching out to mothers at abortion “clinics,” though that work is important.  Our culture is sick and depraved, and we must engage it to educate and agitate (Agitate: to discuss excitedly and earnestly; to stir up public discussion).  As such, the Seattle Abolitionist Society went to the Marysville Strawberry Festival Grand Parade on Saturday June, 15th.

Judah Ivy, the Society director, and I attended the parade to hand out some literature on abortion and abolition to the attendees.  I must admit that there were far more people at the parade than we had anticipated, and it was a bit overwhelming.  This was a good learning experience, that’s for sure.  For example, we learned that we need to be at an event far earlier than an hour in advance, for parking purposes.  Also, the bigger the team you have, the better. We could have been far more effective with at least two teams of two.  We also learned this important lesson:  Never get separated from your teammate.  We go in teams so that we can back each other up, and it’s very important to stay together.  Nothing bad happened, if you’re wondering, it’s just something that should be noted for future reference.

We handed out several hundred of our quad-folds, which were received with mixed reaction.  Some people simply took the literature without a word; others kindly smiled and looked at them.  Some others were clearly upset!  This is part of what we’re after.  We want to engage those who disagree.  How else are hearts and minds to be changed?  Some gentlemen (I use the term very, very loosely) actually argued that a human life is no more special or valuable than a dogs’ or a spiders’.  Shocked?  We were.  These same people also argued that unwanted children are nothing more than a drain on society, feeding at the public trough and should be eliminated before they can steal our hard earned money.  One even went as far as to suggest that all people on welfare, or any other public assistance, should be shot “in the back of the head.”

Our culture is sick and depraved.

Abolish Human Abortion has lots of resources, including these quad-folds.  Please visit to learn more.

Abolish Human Abortion has lots of resources, including these quad-folds. Please visit to learn more.

There were a few bright spots, however, several folks were genuinely interested in learning more about abolition and the work that we do.  Some people, whilst looking over the literature, commented that they’d never thought about abortion in cases of rape or looked at it as a human rights issue.

So were we successful?  Do we feel as though we’ve done something?  Pastor John Piper said “You think that your prayers are small in relation to this gargantuan issue of abortion.  Well, they are!  But your God is not.  All prayers are little; God is big!”  If our prayers are small, this little act of culture agitation is even smaller, but we don’t act big.  Everything that we do is small and seemingly insignificant, but God can work wonders with our meager offering, can’t He?  Seeds were planted, people’s beliefs were challenged.  We’ve done our duty, and we’ll continue to do it.  The results belong to God.





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    Amen! With u bro from Reno

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  2. Ed MOHs

    Thank YOU! Thankful You made it!

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