Abolition & Agitation

Seattle AHA 2
Readers of Life of the Party may recall a piece a few weeks ago entitled “Are You an Abolitionist in Seattle?” In that piece I spoke about, amongst other things, one of the modes of Abolition: Agitation. I also said asked you to watch for a demonstration coming soon. On Thursday, March 21st, the Seattle Abolitionist Society gathered on Mercer Street, just a couple of blocks away from the I-5 on ramp, to show Seattle just what abortion looks like.

Just to clarify what agitation in this context is, here is what the Director of the Seattle Abolitionist Society, Judah Ivy, had to say on the subject:

“Among other things, we hope to wake up an apathetic public, to inform the ignorant, to create an urgency for moral discussion, and to recruit people to our cause. Primarily though, we engage in agitation as an act of obedient faith: to expose deeds of darkness and destroy all speculations raised up against the knowledge of God. The Lord Jesus once said that everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. Abortion has continued these forty years in our nation because it has been allowed to remain in darkness. We aim to force the atrocity of this legal murder into the public sphere, until it’s no longer possible to quiet our consciences by ignoring the reality of abortion and our collective responsibility for this great evil. We aim to expose abortion publicly for what it is, an affront to God, the murder of innocent children: human beings made in His image.”

It may seem simplistic and I’m sure that many folks may ask if we think that just holding signs will accomplish anything. I think that it will! I asked Mr. Ivy if he thought that our agitation event was successful and he replied,

“Absolutely! Abortion was exposed for the evil it is, and the call for its abolition went out before upwards of a thousand people, in a Seattle AHA 3place it would never otherwise be done. Were the ignorant informed? Yes. Were people agitated? The wide eyes of most passers-by and the profanity and slogans shouted at us by a few would indicate yes. Did we win some to our cause and give courage to the like minded The waves and thank you’s would indicate yes as well. Ultimately though, any act of obedience to Christ isn’t judged by the response of men. We obeyed. We are exhorted to speak for those who cannot speak; to seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction. And we have done that.”

The culture of death has had 40 years to take hold in America, and even longer in Washington State. Washington was one of the first states to legalize the murder of pre-born humans in our county. There was one woman who actually engaged us in conversation while she waited at the crosswalk. She said, regarding one of our signs, “That isn’t abortion! That’s a dead baby!” Yeah, we agree, it is a dead baby. That’s the point that we’re trying to make. Only, she wasn’t agreeing with us, she was trying to refute us. This is part of what we’re up against. People have been conditioned to believe that a pre-born human is nothing more than a clump of cells, and they, like this young woman, will react angrily when confronted with the truth of the matter. We must, however, confront our culture with the truth.

There will be more agitation events in the future, and if you consider yourself an Abolitionist, we’d be glad to have you get involved with the Seattle Abolitionist Society.

Seattle AHA 4


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  1. The argumentative passerby provides useful feedback that photographic evidence for the murder of abortion is even more effective when accompanied with the age of the child who has been murdered. Accurate models of pre-born children also prove very effective in removing the fantasy that the murderers are removing clumps of cells.

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