Are You An Abolitionist in Seattle?


There’s a new type of anti abortion activist in Seattle. We’re not your average pro-lifers and we’re not satisfied with political pragmatism or the traditional incrementalism of the existing pro-life movement.

We are Abolitionists.

At the first full meeting of the Seattle Abolitionist Society the chapter leader, Judah Ivy, asked those gathered a simple, but thought provoking question: “What is abortion?” The first and most obvious response was “Abortion is murder.” We could have stopped there, and for many, that would have been sufficient, but to the Abolitionist, abortion is so much more. We started discussing the question and this is some of what we came up with: Abortion is disobeying God’s law, a violation of natural rights, child abuse, idol worship (i.e. self worship and selfishness), the result of Satanic deceit, counterfeit values (i.e. the world’s values, not God’s), and lastly, but importantly, it’s an assault on the image of God. You see, we believe that all human being are created in the image of God, and that God himself became human, retaining His full deity, to rescue us from our own self destruction and eternal separation from our Creator.

Once abortion had been defined, we had to ask ourselves “What is abolitionism?” This answer is simple: It is the proper Christian response to this great evil. Abolition is evangelical (to avoid confusion, the definition I’m using is this: of, relating to, or being in agreement with the Christian gospel especially as it is presented in the four Gospels, emphasizing salvation by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ through personal conversion, the authority of Scripture, and the importance of preaching. H/T: We believe that abolition is an obligation of the entire Christian Church; abortion is evil and Christians are to be a light in the darkness of the world and expose evil. Some might ask why we make that claim, and that’s a fair question. For the answer, we turn to the Apostle Paul. He told the church in Ephesus the following: “Take no part in the works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11 (ESV).


We believe that only a firm and faithful reliance on Providence will effect an end to abortion, and other evils for that matter. We don’t believe that reliance on man or the works and tools of man can end abortion, the great evil of our age. That’s not to say that we reject things such as personhood legislation or that we would be unwilling to support legislators or legislation that seeks to abolish human abortion; rather, we find it insufficient on its own, without God.

Through agitation and assistance, we hope to bring the message of abolition to Seattle and beyond. What do we mean when we say “agitate?” Well Merriam Webster defines it in a variety of ways, but we mean that we will “discuss excitedly and earnestly, stir up public discussion and attempt to arouse public feeling.” Public demonstrations (watch for one soon), the use of drop cards, social networking, and yes, even praying in public (ghasp!) all qualify as “agitation. We will pray in front of abortion mills, counsel those who may be planning to murder their children and seek to assist them in realizing that abortion is wrong. All of these things work to spread the Gospel and to help people reject death and embrace life. We are partnering with crisis pregnancy centers where we can in order to further that goal. We also work to give the greatest assistance of all: Opened eyes.

As Abolitionist Societies grow throughout the nation and the world, many pro-lifers will realize that they have so much in common with us. Many folks involved with the pro-life movement are Abolitionists, and may not even realize it. Now those folks in the greater Seattle area have a home. If you want to see abortion not just more regulated, not just rare, but abolished please visit the Seattle Abolitionist Society‘s Facebook page to learn how to get involved.

Are you an Abolitionist?

After reading this you may be asking, “Am I an Abolitionist?” To help you answer that, here are the five tenets of abolitionism:

1. The work of abolition is Biblically Rooted and Theologically Orthodox. (We are theological)
2. Abolition is work of the Body and Bride of Christ; it proceeds out from the Church. (We are a work of the Church)
3. Abolitionism is “Salt and Light”: It is the visible expression of Truth, Love, and Justice in a darkened and depraved culture. (We are evangelical)
4. Abolition is Urgent and Consistent: We reject Incremental Abolition and the gradual regulation of social evils. (We are immediatist)
5. Abolition Relies upon the Providence and Sovereignty of God: All we must seek to do is be faithful and follow Him as we leave the results in His hands. (We walk in line with Providence)

If you read these five tenets and find yourself in agreement with them, whether you’re a Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox Christian, you very well may be an abortion Abolitionist! Please visit the Abolish Human Abortion website to learn more.

Several members of the Seattle Abolitionist Society

Several members of the Seattle Abolitionist Society




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3 responses to “Are You An Abolitionist in Seattle?

  1. Love to see this. Abide in Christ!

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