Right to Life Before Politics

“Politics is a means to an end.  It is not about “electing candidates”, regardless of Party.  It is about restoring the unalienable Right to Life, a right we are endowed with by our Creator.”

If you have followed Life of the Party from its original location, you will notice some changes here.  I have long wanted to make Life of the Party a team effort and recruit contributors from every corner of the state of Washington with the goal of having one representative in each legislative and congressional district reporting here.  I’m in the process of interviewing candidates to reach this goal. Meanwhile, Clayton Strang (who is from the 32nd Legislative and 2nd Congressional District) has joined as Editor and Contributor and is off to a great start.  Interested candidates wishing to represent Life of the Party in their district must share our mission to put the Right to Life before politics and be 100% pro-life, no exceptions.

Politics is a means to an end.  It is not about “electing candidates”, regardless of Party.  It is about restoring the unalienable Right to Life, a right we are endowed with by our Creator.  Please read the below statement from our “About” page.  Notice we’ve dropped the “partisan” in our name and in our mission.

Life of the Party seeks to end legalized abortion in Washington State and in the U.S. because it is the direct taking of innocent life. To that end, we are engaged in influencing the political arena at the county, state and federal level, to elect people to public office who are serious about restoring the Right to Life.

We seek to change the political landscape by raising awareness to the pro-life community of where our elected officials and candidates for public office stand and by showing these electeds and candidates that we are a force to be reckoned with when we are united. We believe the pro-life community has the power to end legalized abortion if we can come together, work and vote in unison on the foundational principle that life begins at conception & ends at natural death and that the unalienable right to life must be protected for all.

Life of the Party is officially non-partisan because protecting the right to life is above electing members of a certain political party. That being said, we do not place boundaries upon ourselves in making pre-primary endorsements in contested primary races and we encourage pro-life activists to be engaged in the process of party politics to ensure that we select the most pro-life candidate as the nominee of the party with whom we (as individuals) are affiliated.

Full disclosure, the pro-life movement largely resides within the Republican Party at this time in history and should fight to hold their party to those pro-life principles that are adopted by its members at the local and national level. That means, selecting candidates who share the goal of ending legalized abortion and all other threats to innocent human life. We do not believe that a candidate who says they are pro-life “with the exceptions of in the cases of rape and incest” are being consistent and we will challenge that inconsistency. The circumstances of how one is conceived does not change the fact that he is human and is therefore endowed by his Creator with unalienable rights.

If you agree and are committed to this mission, please contact lifeoftheparty.michelle@gmail.com  This is an all-volunteer operation.  If you are interested in representing Life of the Party in your district, you will be asked to evaluate who your legislators are currently, where they stand on the Right to Life with very specific questions, as well as evaluate any candidates running in your district based on the same criteria and report here on your findings.  Additionally, we would like you to provide this information to pro-life voters in your district through Life of the Party and through your own contact list.


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