First Things First

We’re under assault.  I don’t think that using that word is hyperbole.  Our liberty is under a full assault from Washington D.C. and Olympia, from politicians and leaders in both parties.  These people want to increase taxes on hard working men and women.  They want to rain down death upon American citizens without due process.  They want to indefinitely detain American citizens without any charges being brought against them.  They want to take our right to self defense away from us.  They’re actively destroying the Biblical institution of marriage.  They’re attempting to silence us on all of it through fear, intimidation and humiliation.  We have to ask the question “Why is this happening?”


“If we get the life issue wrong, we get every other issue wrong!”
~Rep. Matt Shea

We have to ask the question “Why is this happening?”  I think that the answer is surprisingly simple, and it’s one that Washington State Representative Matt Shea (R, 4th LD) answered for us at the March For Life in Olympia on January 22nd when he said “If we get the life issue wrong, we get every other issue wrong!”  We, as a nation and as a culture, have no respect for life, the most basic right given to us by God and secured for us by our Constitutional Republic.  (I would submit that even this is the direct result of our society rejecting the Gospel.)

While we fight back against all of these attacks on our liberty, don’t forget to get the issue of life right, for the born and the unborn, for the young and the old, for those who are in good health and those who are sick.  Start with the issue of life, and then move on from there.  When you look at an elected official or someone seeking to become an elected official, ask first where they stand on abortion.  Do they favor allowing the murder of a pre-born child if he was conceived through rape?  Do they wish to allow pre-born children with potential health problems to be slaughtered in the name of “quality of life?”  If they call themselves “pro-life” but support these kinds of exceptions for abortion, or if they are openly pro-abortion, you have yourself a person who will consistently get the other issues wrong, as well.

All of the issues facing our great Republic are important, but first things first.  Without the right to life, every other right that God endowed us with becomes meaningless.



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