“…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Edited by Heidi Munson

I’m going to ask a big question.  It’s a question that lots of people don’t want to have asked, but we need to ask it.  When we give our answer, we need to be honest with ourselves.

Is abortion murder?

It’s almost absurd to ask.  Most pro lifers would answer “yes” without thinking it through.  You see, if we answer “yes,” then there are some implications that many who call themselves pro life would rather not think about.  It means that abortion doctors and nurses are contract killers – little more than hired assassins.  It means that everyone who works in an abortion mill is party to murder.  That’s not the bit that I expect any of us to have a problem with.  Here it is.  It also means that every woman who contracts with a doctor or nurse to have an abortion performed is a murderer.

“Oh, that one’s too harsh,” you might be saying.  “We can’t judge her! She’s been misled into thinking her baby isn’t really a baby.”  I’m not trying to be intentionally offensive, but I fail to see how that changes the reality of what abortion is.

If abortion is, in fact, ending an innocent life, then it necessarily follows that anyone involved in ending that life is guilty of murder.

If abortion does nothing more than remove a parasite, or a clump of cells, then nothing anyone does to facilitate or perform the “procedure” is wrong in any way whatsoever.  If abortion doesn’t end an innocent life, then anyone who would seek to limit or end the practice is nothing more than a fool tilting at windmills.

If, however, the abortion does end an innocent baby’s life, then there is nothing compassionate or courageous or loving or helpful in hiding that truth.  When we say that anyone, including a pregnant woman, involved in this act is guilty of murder, it’s not condemnation, but a call to repentance!

You are a murderer!  You are a sinner!  Repent and be forgiven – not by me, by any group of humans or even by society, but by God, the Creator of the Universe.

We are all guilty of sin.  I have been a liar, but Jesus loves me.  I have been an adulterer, but Jesus died for me.  I have been a thief, but Jesus took my punishment.  I was guilty, yes, even of murder, but Jesus has forgiven me!  You see, without the harsh and seemingly offensive reality of my sin, I would never have known that there was anything to repent of, and I would still be wallowing in my sin, un-forgiven and separated from the love of God.  Yes, the truth can be offensive.  Yes, it can be painful to hear, but the language should reflect reality, and we ought not deceive ourselves.

You are a murderer, but Jesus can change that.  You are guilty – repent!  Be forgiven, be redeemed and receive a new identity in Christ.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-lademagdalenen, and I will give you rest.”  Acknowledge the reality of life: That you and I and everyone else are under the burden of our sins with no hope of escaping that burden on our own.  Jesus of Nazareth already paid that price and is waiting for you to ask Him to lift that burden from you.

We shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to say any of these things.  Ultimately, our goal is to serve Christ, not simply save lives.  My prayer is that in serving Christ, He will use you and me to save lives.  But the goal must always be to serve our King.

It is impossible to abolish abortion through human devices.  Legislation alone isn’t the answer.  A march, by itself, is meaningless.  All of the blog posts in the world won’t make a bit of difference if our focus isn’t on God.

If the great evil of our age is to be abolished, it will only be through the acknowledgment of it as sin, repentance to God for that sin, and a steadfast and earnest faith in and obedience to Him.




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16 responses to ““…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  1. “If abortion is, in fact, ending an innocent life, then it necessarily follows that anyone involved in ending that life is guilty of murder.”

    In an environment characterized by a casual disdain for life, it’s easy for the pro-life advocate to swing to the other extreme, that is, associating far too broad a range of activities as murder.

    If a mother really believed that a fetus was not a human being but rather a parasitic clump of cells, she would be guilty of manslaughter, not murder. In both cases, an innocent life is still taken, but the guilt is less severe in the former. While this may seem to be a distinction without a difference, practically, the life of a murderer is forfeit whereas the penalty for manslaughter is less severe.

    This decreasing culpability continues to extend the further away from the act someone is. Thus while an abortionist or a mother may indeed be murderers, it is likely that the car salesman who sold them the cars that enabled such an act is not as guilty.

    I think the incisive question here applies to those of us who do have a full understanding of the nature of abortion. Whether the local abortion mill is performing mass-manslaughter or mass-murder, neither is acceptable in society. It is analogous to a violent neighbor who, malicious or just crazy, kills all the children who visit.

    But if that were the case, what would we do? We would act and call the police. And if the police did not respond – indeed the neighbor’s activities were fully sanctioned by the government – then what would be the Christian thing to do?

    I’d like to think that if there were a violent robbery in progress at my house that my neighbor would come to my defense and I hope that I would be courageous enough to do the same if I witnessed the same.

    It seems incumbent upon us who realize what is going on at the local Planned Parenthood to come to the actual physical defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

    • R. Clayton Strang

      We must cease to define these things in human, legalistic terms. When discussing matters of this nature, we must turn to a higher authority. God’s law must always trump man’s law for those who are in Christ. Simple ignorance of God’s law does not make one innocent of violating it. However, the good news is this: For those who would accept it, the punishment has been taken already by Christ.

      • Full ignorance actually does make someone innocent of the violation of a law. If a five year old accidentally releases the parking brake from the car I’m working on and that ends up killing me, that three year old is nevertheless innocent. Frankly, it does not strike me as an exercise of human legalism to suggest that he is *not* morally equivalent to a robber who breaks into a house and kills the owner.

  2. What women choose to believe when so many are proclaiming the truth, that abortion IS MURDER is irrelevant to the guilt of it. Some other sick people choose to believe that infanticide is not murder too. That does not change the objective FACT that the action IS MURDER.

    • No, the belief of an actor is key in determining the level of guilt for some action. A Christian woman who understands that a fetus is a human being with the same right to life as any other who proceeds to get an abortion anyway is guiltier than your typical immature public schooled secular teen inundated with television and health classes who bought into the anti-life “bunch of parasitic cells” rhetoric and got pressured by her boyfriend and parents into an abortion. Although both have killed their child, the latter is less guilty on account of her circumstances. Only God knows an individual’s circumstances completely.

      As that determination rests on the internal forum of the woman’s conscience, it’s a mistake to categorically lump all women who have an abortion as simple murderers. The FACT is that the life of a murderer (someone who kills someone else with full knowledge and consent) is justly forfeit. Yet who would imprison or execute a 14 year old girl for having an abortion that her parents/boyfriend/school counselor essentially forced her into?

      • iordanvs – Sorry, but the Bible gives little evidence God might grade on a scale. He tells us in His Word He has written His laws on our hearts. We all know the truth – it is our own selfishness that blinds us. Even a teenage girl who has been indoctrinated this is only a blob of tissue knows there is something wrong with the argument but she may cling to it if she finds it convenient. To give her comfort that she has committed no sin will eventually lead her to hell. She must know she violated God’s law – and that it was a horrible action – and that there is a God who forgives. Beyond this, it is dangerous to speculate how much forgiveness God has given our “ignorance.”

      • “All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that does not lead to death.” 1 John 5:17. Obviously some sins are worse than others.

        “And that servant who knew his master’s will but did not get ready or act according to his will, will receive a severe beating. But the one who did not know, and did what deserved a beating, will receive a light beating.”

        Luke 12:47-48. Ignorance *does* play a factor in judgement.

  3. Ed Mohs

    To the author of this article who is hell-bent on shouting from the rooftops, that each girl, woman who procures an abortion – that that person is a “murderer” – I suggest the author show up and humbly pray for the girls, women, and (fathers) who are entering the abortion mill intent on aborting the child within – pray for the staff and doctor(s) of Planned Parenthood and other places of abortion. As I am sure the writer knows, but will remind him anyway, beginning February 13 through March 24, yes 40 days of (www.40daysforlife.com/everett) opportunity are available to humbly pray for all those seeking an abortion and those who fascilitate the human destruction of innocent children by abortion. Praying in front of an abortion facility has far more hope and promise of saving the lives of not only the unborn children, but also their parents, than shouting “murderer” to post-abortive women. May the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you.

    Ed Mohs

  4. Ed – You have a long pro-life history and you have a lot of wisdom in this area. However, people need to know abortion is murder. It is ironic you accuse Clayton of being “hell-bent” when his intention is to wake people up and turn them from hell. There is a humility in prayer and there is a humility in standing up and shouting the truth from the rooftops. In the fight against abortion, we need both. Keep the faith, my friend.

  5. Ed Mohs

    Dean, Clayton

    My issue has to do with proclaiming people’s private (and public) sins in the public arena. I believe we MAY have faith/denominational issues here in how our faith is understood/applied. Yes indeed, abortion is both public and private, which I see as two different situations. It is one thing to publicly declare abortion “murder” as to our nation (USA-4,000 daily and 55 m total), which it is; yet, in my view and faith, it is NOT just or proper to publically announce another’s sin. No, absolutely not! That is a judgement left only to God. I have always been outspoken AND bold about my distain for abortion as KILLING, because that clealy is what it is. As in the opening stated post, the question was well set up for discussion. However, to the people I know who have aborted, I most likely would not publically announce that level of another’s personal, as well as private sin. I can only assume here that in the writer’s view, “the end justifies the means.” Clearly,I disagree!

    • Ed – Jesus said we will know people by their actions – and even He condemned ungodly actions – and He spoke to individual sin in the public arena. For those caught in sin, He admonished the repentant to go and sin no more. Within the Bible and without, calls to repentance are always prefaced with an identification of sin. Without which, there would be no conviction and no need for repentance. Calling abortion murder and helping people understand if they have been involved in abortion they have been involved in murder is Scriptural – regardless of denomination. I don’t believe any of the Abolish group has used this tool to defame, only to convict. Humility is not a vague concept, nor is it a piety. True humility is setting aside our own kingdom to give glory to God’s kingdom. You cannot glorify God with a squishy type of love. God is glorified in truth and without the truth there is no love. I say this for perspective; it is not an accusation. Keep the faith, brother.

      • As a Catholic, I find this helpful and I think all here can find agreement in it concerning the responsibility of admonishing the sinner (which is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy). There is clearly a biblical model for doing so when it comes to admonishing particular individuals and that is reflected here (please read the link about “Fraternal Correction”): http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04394a.htm

        That said, this particular article of Clayton’s has to do with the sin of abortion in general, the correct naming of abortion as “murder”, and particularly the women involved in the act, aside from those who are in that line of “business”. That is general and I think perfectly appropriate, as it does not call out any particular names of individuals.

        Gentlemen, thank you for the discussion. I pray that all of us can be united in our obedience to Christ and in so doing, help to end the scourge of our time.

  6. Ed Mohs

    Michelle, although I may easily have missed it, the thought was NOT expressed publically in a clearly stated “general scenario”, but quite specific to the individual. I did NOT see the original post directed toward Abby J., but to me, it was simply wrong. Yes, there clearly is scriptural evidence of calling out some sin publically; yet our present Catholic Tradition and Heritage does not do this. In the future, it might be helpful to “bridge” that potential faith gap. Thank you for the discussion. I learned of different viewpoints.

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