The Gold Standard of Pro-Life Bills

overstreetIt’s been a long time since Washington State has seen any pro-life legislation introduced, so seeing the Gold Standard of pro-life bills introduced here is something that should be cheered on and given our full and united support when and if it ever happens.  Well, it has.

Representative Jason Overstreet of the 42nd District (Whatcom Co.) has introduced a Life at Conception bill (HB 1259) and it is co-sponsored by Representatives Overstreet, Klippert, Taylor, Shea, Condotta, Buys, Short, Kristiansen, Hargrove, Scott (Elizabeth Scott, from my home county-Snohomish).  The bill declares “that the right to life begins at the moment the individual comes into being.”  It is simple and straightforward and if passed, would “implement equal protection under Article I, section 12 of the state Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person.”  There is no discrimination against children conceived in rape or incest and there is no judicial bypass clause.  We like a clean bill that doesn’t accept or include any false notions that abortion is ever OK.  We believe aiming for simple and straightforward bills that define life at conception should be the strategy of the whole pro-life community.  Too often we get side tracked on bills that concede ground to the pro-abortion claims, even written in the so-called pro-life bills.

We are grateful to Representative Overstreet and all of the co-sponsors of this bill.  It was first introduced promptly after the legislation session began and was announced to the crowd of over 5,000 at the March for Life.  Yet this Gold Standard bill has been overshadowed by the deeply flawed Parental Notification bill which has received much more attention by pro-life and social conservative leaders.  We at Life of the Party suggest to the pro-life community to redirect some focus where it should be, defining life at conception and thereby protecting the right to life from the moment of conception.

Here’s what you can do:   The bill needs a hearing in the Health Care & Wellness Committee.  Please call the committee chair Eileen Cody (360) 786-7978 and urge her to give this bill a hearing.  You can also send her an e-mail to  It’s quick and easy!  Please do this today!



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12 responses to “The Gold Standard of Pro-Life Bills

  1. Paul Franklin

    I called and left a message. It was indeed quick and easy.

  2. Done.
    “As a citizen and student in Washington state I urge you to give the Life at
    Conception Bill (HB 1259) a hearing in the Health Care & Wellness Committee.
    For the good of all human beings in Washington state,
    Judah Ivy”

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  4. Ed Mohs

    Eileen Cody,

    Please give Life at Conception bill (HB1259) a hearing. It is biological fact that all human life begins at conception and should therefore be protected by law. Thank you!

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