Be the Life of the Party

After a long blogging sabbatical, LifOlympiae of the Party is back and is issuing a clarion call:  BE the Life of the Party!  The Life of the Repbublican Party.

After 40 years of legalized abortion and 50,000,000 innocent lives destroyed as a result, the battle to restore the right to life must be ramped up on every front.  One of the most important fronts in this battle is the political one, because without it, abortion will remain legal for a long time.  And to be effective on the political front, we need a political party, an organized force to restore the right to life within the law.

Most pro-life political activists find their home within the Republican Party.  And while the Republican Party’s platform (from the county level, on up to the national level) has strong pro-life policy planks, there is a battle within the Republican Party over abortion.  Too often, the Republican nominees for office, especially in statewide or federal offices, do not hold the same view on abortion or are not committed to the public policy objective stated in the party’s platform.  There is even a movement within the party to eliminate the pro-life plank or chip away at it, bit by bit.  One only need to read post-election analysis by the pundits and consultants to know this.

Many Americans are rightly concerned about the erosion of our rights to liberty and property, but as we have just marked 40 years of legalized abortion in America, we must face the truth:  If we don’t defend the most basic fundamental and first right – the right to life – all other rights are meaningles and we certainly can’t rely on the same government failing to protect the right to life, to protect these other precious rights.

The Republican Party was founded on the principle that no human being should be considered the property of another. Protecting the Right to Life is the moral issue of our day and has much in common with the moral issue in the day of the party’s founding.

If we are ever going to restore legal protections of the Right to Life from conception until natural death, we must guard ourselves against the mindset of “Republicans for Choice” and other like-minded groups who have declared a “battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party”.  Some pro-lifers have unfortunately bought into their rhetoric.  Some just assume that as long as we vote for whoever has the R after their name, they need not get involved in decisions in the Republican Party.  Don’t let them win this battle, either by our absence or our acquiescence!

They say, “Focus on issues that unite us.”

We say, “If we can’t be trusted to protect the unalienable Right to Life, we can’t be trusted to uphold any other rights.”

They say, “Electoral victories are dependent upon having ‘pro-choice’ or ‘mixed-choice’ moderate candidates on the national ticket.”

We say, “Watering down our principles–beginning with the Right to Life–is what has led us to minority status as a party.”

We are the Life of the Party!  If you are in Washington State and want to see an end to abortion in our lifetime, and not wait another 40 years while over 4,000 innocent lives are lost every day, join us!  BE the Life of the Party.

We are building a team of volunteer writers and activists here and we need your help.  This work need not take more than 1-2 hours a week, maximum.  Contact if you want to help.


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