Why Do I (We) Not Act Like It?

Guest Author Ed Mohs (Originally posted at Gerard’s Thoughts and Commentary)

Two prophetic speakers at our Everett 40 Days for Life 2014 fall kickoff moved the hearts of those who attended September 19th at Saint Mary Magdalen Parish Hall in Everett.  Matt and David “walk the talk” daily defending the unborn, witnessing on the streets, while sharing the Gospel.

Matt Ulrich and his wife, Georgene, are long-time prayer warriors and parishioners at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Shoreline. The Ulrich’s are co-directors of Prolife Washington, also known as “The Billboard People”.  Prolife Washington raises funds to purchase pro-life billboards across Washington State.  Matt and Georgene are also directors of the local affiliate, (Seattle) Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. The Helpers adopt and hold vigil at several abortion clinics (mills) in Greater Seattle area (Aurora, Everett, Lynnwood, Northgate, Seattle) while frequently attending Mass beyond Sunday and often praying for the end of abortion during adoration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

I first met David Graves (Rhonda) during Everett 40 Days for Life Campaign several years ago.  He attended our kickoff event and prayed at the local Planned Parenthood clinic in Everett. David stayed in the background, but observant and seeing what 40 Days for Life was all about.  He attended the organizational meetings the following campaign signing up for several time slots per week.  Clearly, David was in this for the long haul, leading and starting the first-ever 40 Days for Life Campaign in Marysville, in addition to keeping his vigil hours at the Everett site. David is currently spreading his commitment to ending abortion in Mount Vernon.  David and Rhonda have seven children and attend Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington. Further, they created a pro-life committee to share and activate their fellow parishioners on life issues. David spends much of his (spare) time being “on the streets” praying.

Matt began with a series of questions and with a show of hands. “Is abortion killing? Is abortion murder?” He continued, “Why do we not act like abortion kills an unborn child that has just been murdered?”
Tough questions!  Unmistakably, abortion is killing the unborn child. Therefore, although there may be a stigma with calling the intended killing of the pre-born “murder,” it is. Webster’s defines murder in legal terms as: the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought. Obviously, the doctor performing the abortion commits this horrendous and fatal act, and gets paid for it, too. Collectively, you and I (Americans) have sinfully allowed abortion to occur for over 40 years.

Do I act like abortion is murder?  No, not as I should. What do I mean? Even though abortion is constantly on my mind and I do have current responsibilities such as family and work, there are many prayer occasions that are passed up.  Do I attend Mass more than once per week? How often do I travel through Everett on my way home without stopping to pray at either Planned Parenthood or a few blocks away at Immaculate Conception? How frequently do I say a rosary for an end to abortion?  Do I (daily) lift up my heart in prayer for the end of abortion and for those contemplating abortion? Beyond the semi-annual 40 Days for Life campaign, do I fast with the intention of ending abortion?
“I am tired,” Matt said. I am tired of people saying they are pro-life – but not acting like it! I am tired of hearing about this or that person who I need to talk to and connect with. After the contact, it becomes only lip-service, said Ulrich in closing.  He made it clear though, “we will never give up” and vowed to “press on” in our defense of the pre-born, because “that is what we do.”

After a short break, David begins with this scene: “Parents walk in (anywhere) with two children in a stroller and when they leave – only one child is in the stroller?  David asks, “What happened to that second child?” Two entered, only one came out.

(Pregnant) parents walk into the abortion mill (clinic) with the intention of aborting the baby which is concealed and protected within a mother’s womb. The infant is alive, kicking, sucking its thumb, swimming in the amniotic fluid. Then, in an instant, it is suddenly and brutally killed. It dies a horrible death.  Depending upon the specific procedure, this process may take two or three days.

Humbly,  Graves said, “I simply do not value the lives of the unborn as I do my own born children,” and named them aloud. David knelt in prayer as a sign and example for all. If we are honest, David’s assessment belongs to each of us, too.

It is worth noting the statistics: Lifenews.com reported, January 12, 2014 America has aborted over 56 million pre-born children since 1973.We have put to death fifty-six million plus infants! Unbelievable!  Purely evil!  This contrasts with the Nazi Holocaust where six million (Jewish) people were exterminated between 1933 and 1945.   Yet, abortion continues, roughly 3,200 daily.

America has witnessed plenty of natural disasters the past fifty to sixty years. Earthquakes in Alaska, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Hurricanes Camille, Katrina, and tornadoes such as in Joplin, MO. We witnessed the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s in 1980 and were touched by those who lost homes and property in the fires in California, and E. Washington. Most recently and very close to home, the Oso Mudslide.  These are all “acts of God.”  We wept with the communities as the dead were announced, and we opened our hearts and wallets for those who survived.  We are a compassionate people willing to help our fellow human beings.

However, abortion is a man-made holocaust.  It is our sin and turning away from God that has caused this enormous tragedy.  Why would we expect God to jump right in and end this slaughter of infants – although, He could in a blink of an eye.  No, He has already given us (the church – all baptized believers in the Lord) all power and authority; He desires/wants our pro-active prayerful, humble participation. He waits for our response.

The church should demand abortion be put to an end. Sidewalks should be overflowing, but they are not. Apparently, there is no urgency. Where is the church? For the most part, we are silent; we have more important things to do than being on the street in front of this place of death.  With God’s help –  the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit,  let’s be equally compassionate as we are in natural disasters and truly help those that are intent on abortion. We must pray for them, that they realize the enormous gift of life God has entrusted with them and seek life for their unborn child.
Matt said it this way: “We come to this place of death in prayerful love so that our brothers and sisters will not die without love and prayer.  We come together to bear public witness to God’s great Love and Mercy which can move hearts and forgive sins.”

Please join us! Stand up and pray for an hour or more per week to help end abortion in our community.  Sign up online at www.40daysforlife.com/everett or stop by at the vigil located at Planned Parenthood, 1509 – 32nd Street, Everett, WA.
-if then my people, who have called my name, (will) humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land. 2 Chronicles: 7: 14

Pregnancy Help Resources:

Gabriel Project (Seattle) Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Next Step Pregnancy Services Pregnancy Aid of Snohomish County Pregnancy Resource Center Silent No More Awareness


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Calling All Pro-Life PCOs in the 26th District!

adamTomorrow night 7 p.m. Dec. 4 at the Givens Community Center at 1026 Sidney Ave., the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) of the 26th legislative district will meet to select three Republican nominees to be considered by the Pierce Co. Council and the Kitsap Co. Commission.  One of those candidates will replace the state house seat that was vacated by Jan Angel when she won her bid for state senator in the special election last month.  The Tacoma News Tribune covered the story, but failed to mention all of the candidates who have thrown in their hats.

I have had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Berman, who is one such candidate seeking the nomination of the PCOs.  I’m pleased to report that Adam is solidly pro-life and supports legislation that would define life as beginning at conception/fertilization and place all children, from the moment of conception, under protection of the law.  Adam has been receiving endorsements from prominent figures in the “liberty movement”, which caught my attention, so I decided to see just how thorough his understanding and commitment to liberty is.  Of his pro-life view, he says, “It’s the only fit with the philosophy of liberty.”  Not everyone in the “liberty movement” would agree with that, but he’s absolutely right.

I asked him if he would support Jason Overstreet’s bill (if elected), which I have called “The Gold Standard of Pro-Life Bills“, and since he is in the middle of preparing for tomorrow night’s election, he did not have the time to go and read the bill, and therefore, reserved promising support for a bill he hasn’t read (a refreshing quality in a politician).  He did however take the time to talk with me and he was willing to say he would support a simple bill that defines life as beginning at conception/fertilization and places all children under the protection under the law.  He did not express any of the usual “exceptions” that are common for politicians who call themselves “pro-life”.  He didn’t budge a bit from his position when I specifically asked about them either.

Therefore, I urge the pro-life PCOs in the 26th District (Pierce and Kitsap Counties) to elect Adam as one of the nominees for the house position.  Please press the other candidates for their detailed views before choosing the other 2 you send to the Pierce Co. Council and Kitsap Co. commission for consideration.

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Seriously? You Think Abortion Can Be Safe?

California’s governor, Jerry Brown, has signed a bill (AB 154) that would allow non-physicians to perform abortions, and pro-lifers are railing against it.  This is already allowed in several states, including mine. I have to be honest though, I’m not sure that I understand their opposition to this particular bill.

Abortion is nothing more than legalized child murder and abortionists are nothing more than medically trained professionals who kill people instead of healing them, that is a clear fact.  Abortion itself should be opposed, but why spend time and energy fighting this?  Is the pro-life movement really so compromised?  It is really that important that a murderer have the title of “M.D.” after his name?

The pro-life movement is working to keep child murder safe, rare and ultimately, even if unintentionally, legal.  The argument goes like this: “If you don’t have a doctor performing the abortion, the woman (who has contracted with an assassin and has become an active participant in a brutal murder) might get hurt, through either shoddy technique or infection of some sort.”  The director of the National Right to Life’s Western regional office said this bill is “reducing the medical standards for abortion.”  For those with ears to hear, that statement is very revealing.  If all you’re interested in, pro-lifer, is keeping women safe while they kill children, I have but one word for you: REPENT!

When a woman walks in to the abortuary, if you are concerned with only that she is safe, you’re fighting the wrong battle.  This is important, so please hear me.  While we are not overly concerned with the “safety” of abortion (because murder is never safe as the whole point is to willfully and violently end life), neither should we or do we wish harm upon these abortion minded moms. Rather the opposite is true.  We pray that they would, if fact, be totally safe: physically, emotionally, and spiritually from abortion.  Woman are also image bearers of Almighty God, that’s why we simply want abortion to be immediately, totally, and forever abolished.

So repent of this foolishness, pro-lifer.  The only issue worth fighting here is this:  Children are being legally murdered!  Who cares whether it’s a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a midwife, or physicians’ assistant or some thug off the street?  It is legal and culturally acceptable to murder kids.  If you love women and want them to be safe, as we do, stop wasting your time on minutiae such as who gets to perform murder.  Instead, tell the truth in love, teaching and preaching the Gospel to women walking into these “clinics,” knowing that the Word of God never returns empty (Isaiah 55:11).  Educate the culture about the true horror of abortion through public agitation.  Work to abolish human abortion.



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A Nation of Hypocrites

“We will insist an atrocity committed with chemical weapons is not only investigated… it must be confronted.”

~President Barack Hussein Obama II

“…delivering chemical weapons against children, is not something we do.”

~President Barack Hussein Obama II

I’m sure that I could find a dozen more quotes just like this one. Certainly, after Monday when the President is set to go on no less than six news/talk shows to tell us why he wants to go to war use military force in a “limited engagement” against Syria, we’ll have enough such quotes that we will be able to fill a small book. Elected Republican and Democrat leaders are suspending their differences to push for this action, as well. Certainly, most Americans and certainly all Abolitionists would agree with this sentiment: The use of chemical weapons against innocent human beings is atrocious. Here’s the hypocrisy: We live in a country in which 3,500 (plus) children are killed each day through abortion, and many of these abortions (read “killings” or “murders”) are carried out via chemicals.

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The Abolistionist HeaderWe spend so much of our time protecting our life. We do it through common, everyday activities, and we rarely even give it a second thought. When we’re sick, we seek treatment. We strive to eat well. We wear a seat belt and we don’t drink and drive. We don’t use the hairdryer when we take a bath. We lock our doors at night to keep out potential danger. Why do we do these things? It’s simple, really. The vast majority of us realizes and understands that human life is precious and uniquely special.

We sometimes read stories in the news about some brave soul who went out of their way to protect another’s life. In the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, we heard stories about men who used their bodies to protect their loved ones.

We hear tales from the battlefield in which one of our brave fighting men willingly sacrificed his life to save the lives of his companions.

These stories are special, because they speak not only to the character that humanity can display, but also to the value of a human life.

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THE ABOLITIONIST: The Comparison of Abortion to Slavery

The Abolistionist Header

The comparison of abortion to slavery/genocide is usually dismissed for purely visceral reasons (are those really reasons?), so I thought it would be worthwhile to examine how the comparison is accurate and in which ways it may not be.  Let’s begin with genocide.

Genocide is the systematic murder of a people group, and abortion belongs in this category inasmuch as there is a subgroup of human beings, those still in the womb, who have been dehumanized in order to justify their destruction.  How is abortion unlike other genocides? Well, firstly the preborn aren’t part of a different ethnic group from their attackers, and secondly they have no means of resistance. Continue reading


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THE ABOLITIONIST: Confronting Planned Parenthood

The Abolistionist Header

A fellow abolitionist called me the other day to let me know that some representatives of Planned Parenthood were out fundraising in front of a local Starbucks. I was in the middle of preparing both the living room and a bible study for some friends who were coming over, but when my wife told me the news, I laid it aside and got in the car to go speak to them. Continue reading

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